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How it works

GreenWatch is a tool used by the financial services sector to assess and monitor the authenticity of climate-friendly green claims made by companies on their website and/or in their publications/statements. GreenWatch provides data based on two key variables:

Green statements & Carbon score.

Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning, statements which promote green credentials are identified. These statements are then verified and further categorised as necessary by our team of dedicated sustainable finance experts.

Carbon data, as publicly reported by each company, is also collated and categorised based on disclosure level, completeness, and performance.

The final assessment compares the green statements and carbon scores of each entity to determine whether the quantitative data supports the entity’s qualitative claims or, put another way, who talks the talk and walks the walk on climate change.

Our team

Prof. Andreas Hoepner
Dr. Theodor Cojoianu
Pat Cox
Dr. Sergio Garcia Vega
Dr. Georgiana Ifrim
Dr. Yanan Lin
Cathal McGuinness
Fabiola Schneider
Gabija Zdanceviciute
Matthew McQuade
Cian Murphy
Siddhesh Parab
Bobby Treacy
Anh Vu
Cormac Mc Kenna
Clare McCarrick

Our associates

Ms Nicole Carragher
Aaron McDougall